Anonymous asked:

It is quieter on here without her posts that fill my dash and the fics that go onnnnnn forever *yawn*

Rude it is then……
Well, no one is forcing you to follow her !!! And dispute what you think, she really is the owner of the best AAD blog ever !! It’s because of her blog, me and others, joint tumblr in the first place !!
She’s the one who truly is the reason why I love tumblr and why I started writing fics, because I wanted to be like her, I still idolize her tbh. She’s really sweet and caring and kind and friendly. So, if you have a problem, it’s very simple !! Unfollow her, that’s it !! Just go away and stop saying that posting a lot of AAD stuff isn’t ok !! That’s rubbish

Anonymous asked:

Has Laura left Tumblr? she's not posted in days and she posted EVERY day about 1000 times a day...

Ok, I can’t tell if you’re being nice and you’re asking about her, or if you’re being…I dunno kinda rude ?! Well if you meant it in a nice way, she didn’t leave thankfully -otherwise I’ll leave too- she’s taking a brake, and I’m sorry for saying that you might sounded rude a bit.
But if you meant it in a rude way, like the anons she had that were complaining about how many she posts then I happily am telling you to bugger off !! Who are you to complain about someone else’s blog and what they post and how many they post !! Go get a life instead of counting how many posts people post EVERY day….

Again I really am sorry of you didn’t mean it in a rude way xx